Nieuport 17 250 ARF

Nieuport 17 250 ARF

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Nieuport 17 250 ARF


Nieuport 17 250 ARF


The Nieuport 17 was designed by the French as a single-seat fighter biplane in World War I.  It was a very maneuverable aircraft and many British and French pilots began their careers with a Nieuport 17.

E-flite's Nieuport 17 Slow Flyer is an electric indoor version of the French biplane fighter.  It's the third in a line of E-flite slow flyers and boasts a low weight and a more majestic type of slow flight thanks to the biplane design and reduced wing loading.  So you can get to flying faster, the Nieuport 17 comes with many prefinished details, including wood interplane and cabane struts, molded cowling, a simulated dummy motor, and the trim scheme is prepainted and the decals are already applied.

The E-flite® Nieuport 17 Slow Flyer 250 ARF is a fantastic flying foamie with outstanding slow speed characteristics—making it perfect for indoor flight.


Product Specifications

Wingspan:34.5 in (875mm)
Overall Length:24 in (610mm)
Wing Area:295 sq in (19.03 sq dm)
Flying Weight:8–8.5 oz (227–240 g)
Motor Size:Park 250 outrunner
Radio:3 channels
Servos:S60 Super Sub-Micro servos (2 required)
Trim Scheme Colors:Silver painted airframe
CG (center of gravity):2-1/8 to 2-3/8 inches back from the leading edge of the top wing
Prop Size:7 x 3.5 Direct Drive prop
Spinner Size:not applicable
Hardware Included:yes
Speed Control :10-amp
Recommended Battery:800mAh 2S 7.4V Li-Po
Approx. Flying Duration:15+ minutes
Experience Level:Intermediate
Recommended Environment:Indoor/Outdoor
Assembly Time:3-5 Hours
Is Assembly Required:Yes

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