Moteur Glow Evolution .46NX

Moteur Glow Evolution .46NX

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Evolution .46NX Glow Engine with Muffler


Tech & Spec

Product Specifications

Type:2-stroke glow
Displacement:.46 cu in (7.65cc)
Bore:.86 in (21.8mm)
Stroke:.80 in (20.3mm)
Total Weight:16.96 oz (482 g)
Engine (Only) Weight:13.76 oz (390 g)
Muffler Weight:3.20 oz (92 g)
Crankshaft Threads:1/4 x 28
Benchmark Prop:11x6 @ 12,500 rpm
Prop Range:10 x 6 to 11 x 7
RPM Range:2000 to 12,500
Fuel:10% - 30% Nitro
Mounting Dimensions:44mm x 17.5mm
Muffler Type:Cast
Cylinder Type:ABC
Carb Type:Barrel, with two needles
Crank Type:Ball Bearing

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